Silver Ass - Shock Tilt / Elinor (3) - Night Fight / Where Do You Go (CD)

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Was: Silver Ass - Shock Tilt / Elinor (3) - Night Fight / Where Do You Go (CD)

Silver Ass - Shock Tilt / Elinor (3) - Night Fight / Where Do You Go (CD) Rudimentary Peni - Death Church (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Morricone - Trojaner (3) - Hanukka Highscore (CD, Album) TAGS they were very much in love.

Silver Ass - Shock Tilt / Elinor (3) - Night Fight / Where Do You Go (CD) - commit error

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  1. Goltizshura

    Shock Tilt: 2 – Shock Tilt: Check Out Time: 3 – Shock Tilt: Silver Ass: 4 – Shock Tilt: Night-Fight: 5 – Shock Tilt: Mr. Tilt: 6 – Shock Tilt: Howling Body: Elinor / Where Do You Go 7 – Elinor (3) Jannie: 8 – Elinor (3) Final: 9 – Elinor (3) Rockin And Rollin: 10 – Elinor (3) What You Need: 11 – Elinor (3) Maybe Today: 12 2/5(4).
  2. Vudotaur

    SILVER ASS (Häggblom Bros.) Side B. 1. NIGHT FIGHT (Häggblom Bros.) 2. MR TILT (Häggblom Bros.) 3. HOWLING BODY (Häggblom Bros.) LEE GREEN Hasse Montin - Drums. RALLO NITY Rolf Roffa Häggblom - Bass guitar. JESS BORDER Hannu Rajala - Lead guitar. NICK TILT Per Pärre Häggblom - Lead electric and acoustic guitars.
  3. Kagazahn

    I purchased this copy myself after seeing the band live in Närpes, Finland back in Excellent condition with some normal light wear. Front cover has a small pricetag tear. Highly highly recommended. 6 songs: Shock Tilt, Checkout Time, Silver Ass, Night Fight, Mr. Tilt, Howling Body.
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